Macro-economics dynamics

The most prevalent socio-economic challenges of our day are detailed below include:


Extremely high levels of unemployment.

Access to free or affordable quality education and/or skills programs.

Access to free or affordable quality data.

Inability of the informal sector to get access to capital.

macro-economics dynamics

  • It should also be noted that our business model centers around addressing the affordability issues relating to internet access and not replicating coverage. Based on an extensive report and investigation conducted by USAID.
  • The 3.6 Billion user have internet connectivity at their disposal but affordability constraints. Our business model leverages this current coverage and shifts the pay point away from the end user to the advertiser. This has a positive knock- on effect as the user with minimum disposal income can no potentially allocate this income to the advertiser's product as opposed spending at expensive data cost.
3.7 bn non-internetsubscribers0.1 bn not coveredby 3G(Network infraAvailability Issue)3.6bn coveredby 3G but notsubscribers(Affordability &Adoption Issue)Mobile population coverage by type of network, (2007-2019)FIGURE 6: AVAILABILITY OF INTERNET ACCESSBillion peopleWorld population2007200920112013201520172019*876543210Split of Non-Internet Subscribers2G3GLTE or higherInternet users

our contribution


Megabytes of
Free data


Minutes of free
internet access


New users


Million in Free
Data Monthly

Advertising with a Purpose

Your advertising funds a community essential service! Using free Wi-Fi, we put our client’s brand & message where the market’s attention is & give back to the communities we serve!

our objective

Our broader value proposition addresses all these social fundamentals in an economically viable, sustainable, and socially responsible manner.

Our stated mission objective is:

To Connect The Unconnected To The Internet. The Way In Which We Intend To Achieve This Is By Providing Free And Low Costs Wi-fi To The Masses.

The Model Employed, Using The Ad Funded Wi-fi Model, Democratizes Internet Connectivity And Provides Connectivity To The Masses.

socio economic upliftment

  • The benefits of having access to the internet is well researched and well documented all over the world. Consequently, it can be argued that we have been supporting and promoting economic inclusivity and socio-economic upliftment since its inception – merely by enabling and providing free, quality Wi-Fi to under-serviced segments of the community and specifically targeted beneficiaries
  • The proposal detailed below presents a Wi-Fi solution that will address the key requirements (and benefits) for primary stakeholders, namely the “Wi-Fi hub host” and the beneficiaries (Community, Suppliers etc.). The following specific requirements were identified and will be addressed:
  • Wi-Fi hub host

    Enabling internet connectivity for “under serviced communities” and in doing so:

    • Promote economic inclusivity
    • Promote socio-economic development
    • Promote enterprise development
    • Promote preferential procurement
    • Promote supplier development
    • Promote skill development - educate and uplift at scale


    • Access to free or cheap Internet
    • Access to free Education
    • Access to jobs
    • Access to greater inclusive “economic
    • participation”
  • We gained significant experience over the past few years in managing significant Wi-Fi networks and ensuring that (specifically with the PRASA and Taxi Rank networks) these networks are financially self-sustaining.