Our platform offers multiple media types and slots that include Intro pages, Surveys, Captive Portal branding, Traditional Banners and Interstitial. Adverts can also be geo-targeted and set for specific time slots during the day.


Upon connecting to the Wi-Fi users can be served with video/Gif content. Minimum viewing time can be set according to the requirement.


Questionnaires can be created that are mandatory to complete before gaining access to the free Wi-Fi. The questionnaires offer the ability to get feedback from your users and build up demographic data.


Branded landing page with interactive graphics  landing page banner can also be placed here at top of screen.


Captive portal branding, allowing the brand to build further affinity by being seen as the co-sponsor of the Free WiFi


Serve media during the browsing and login process further supplementing your communications


Our intuitive dashboard provides all the data you need to know about your customer in order to give them the best possible user experience and promote journeys that are most conducive to business success.


We've helped companies achieve tremendous marketing success due to the massive reach of our networks that expose these adverts to millions of people. Our network is growing continually, assisting us in delivering successful campaigns for blue chip brands.

June to December 2017

Media Type: Intro (Static)

Duration: 6 Months

Impressions: 1,980,000

CPR: R 0.24

Clicks: 317,024

CTR: 15.78%

CPC: R 1.51

LEADS: 55,826

LEAD %: 15.92%

November and December 2017

Media Type: Intro (Static)

Duration: 2 Months

Impressions: 604,022

CPR: R 0.25

Clicks: 113,275

CTR: 17.48%

CPC: R 1.32

1st to 16th December 2017

Media Type: Video (Static)

Duration: 15 Days

Impressions: 217 386

CPR: R 0.39

Clicks: 32 827

CTR: 15.17%

CPC: R 2.59

May to December 2017

Media Type: Intro (Static)

Duration: 8 Months

Impressions: 3,449,580

CPR: R 0.20

Clicks: 565,172

CTR: 16.26%

CPC: R 1.25

Duration: Total duration of the campaign

Impressions: All Images served to consumers

CPI: Average Cost Per Impression

Clicks: Number of consumers who clicked on the advert

CTR: Average Click Through Rate = % of consumers who clicked on the advert

CPC: Actual Cost per Click