Rate Cards & Packages (May 2022)

Standard Rates
SME / Intro Rate
3-Month Contract rate
(Min 35k per month)
6-Month Contract rate
(Min 35k per month)
Cost per '000 Impressions - Display Banner (CPM) R150,00 R125,00 R120,00 R105,00
Cost per '000 Impressions - Video Views (CPM) R165,00 R140,00 R135,00 R120,00
Survey / Research cost per completed data record R25,00 R25,50 R21,00 R20,00
Bulk SMS Messages per '000 R420,00 R400,00 R380,00 R350,00

Reach a large, viable audience directly where their attention is with something very desirable.

100% measurable in terms of performance of reach, frequency & audience.

Leads can be generated from each & every campaign.

Creative can be changed each and every day / week / month.

100% trackable in terms of customers that engaged directly with the brand.

We enable a marketer to continue to market other products & services to this audience.

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