how it works - technically

In order to unlock the "Ad Funded Wi-Fi model" proposition the below skills, functions and integration are reqiured.

hotspot authentication

Ability and software to authenticate users using various authentication methods.

federated network

Functionality to create a seamless roaming network across multiple sites using cloud-based services

WAN management

Skills to administer multiple WAN connections from potentially multiple third-party providers.

media/Ad management

Integration with IAB accredited ad management servers to manage and report on premium as well as programmatic ad serving.

user and product management

Software platform to manage vouchers and the allocation of products to users.

solar and power supply

Knowledge and understanding of the power requirement for Wi-Fi units.

pasella network

Every Site Wi-Fi hub host will become part of the "@Pasella network". New sites seamlessly integrate with the current network

  • Users will be able to log onto the @Pasella network anywhere. This will allow the user with a great deal of flexibility which will obviously improve over time.
  • To provide maximum benefit to all stakeholders involved, it is important to roll out and build the network as fast as possible and as such we have multiplefunding Mechanisms.
  • For illustrative purposes, please note from the diagrams presented below, how the network will grow and expand:

our target market

informal outlets

Spaza’s and Shebeens (“Outlet Wi-Fi”) - Conservative research estimates the number of spaza and informal establishments at more than 200,000. Our solution enables spazas and other informal retail outlet owners the opportunity provide internet connectivity to the surrounding community, to shoppers and to leverage the benefits of better connectivity to grow and expand their businesses.

commuter sites

We hold exclusive rights with PRASA to roll out Wi-Fi at their Top stations and negotiate sites and city specific deals with Taxi Ranks.

shopping centers

We contract with landlords to provision networks in cooperation with the landlords.