our history

Our stated mission objective is to connect the unconnected to the internet. The way in which we intend to achieve this is by providing free and low costs Wi-Fi to the masses.

Over the past 10 years, we have developed, tested and implemented an amazing digital Wi-Fi marketing system that we are using in high density commuter areas and shopping areas in South Africa. Working with advertisers, we have auditable campaigns results, verifiable sites, detailed campaign reports and straight forward guidelines to marketers. Working with consumers, we offer reliable, high speed internet access to the masses.

We provide Wi-Fi to users across south Africa and a certain point managed close to 1000 hotspots and 200 000 visitors daily makes use of our deployments and Wi-Fi authentication platform.

key competencies

Over the past years we have acquired and created an incredibly unique set of skills that include:

  • wireless network installation and maintenance
  • media sales
  • ad serving integration
  • solar and electricity provisioning
  • collecting, collation, interpreting and reporting


As far as we can establish, we are the only provider in the world with full Google Ad sense/Ad X integration. We are also the only providers that provides programmatic integration with end user billing options.

In conclusion it should be noted that we are ideally positioned to take advantage of the most recent developments in the “Last Mile Connectivity” space in all areas where access to the internet is burdened by cost.

Macro-Economics Dynamics

Some interesting facts collated from research published by McKinsey, Deloitte and the World Bank is worth noting. This include:

  • Internet-related consumption and expenditure is bigger than the agriculture and energy sectors
  • The internet is a critical element and contributor to economic growth.
  • There is an extremely high correlation between internet access and rising living standards
  • The internet is a powerful catalyst for job creation and economic inclusivity
  • The internet is non-discriminatory and promoted fairness and equality
  • The impact of the internet goes beyond just contributing to GDP, it fuels and generates astonishing consumer surpluses in developing economies.